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Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago is always somewhat of a funny situation. You get the pre-requisite “So where are you from?” only to get made fun of for answering “Chicago” when really you mean “The general Chicagoland area.”

Luckily, I’ve had the advantage of attending DePaul University, followed by settling into various neighborhoods within the heart of the city.

With a passion for innovative design, great architecture, good food, and well-made cocktails, I’ve grown comfortable with the vibe and aura of the city’s various pockets and flavors.


Working for a top-tier marketing agency analyzing digital campaigns and competitive landscapes for several years, held various client-facing positions and event planning has helped me build a strong background in digital marketing, evaluating market data and trends, and project management.

Throughout the years, they have given me the opportunity to build an extensive network and fine-tune my transferable skills into real estate.

 My work ethic, commitment, freshness and intuition for both first-time Chicago dwellers and long-time residents will prove to be invaluable.

The reason why I got into real estate is directly tied to my mission and the type of experience I want my clients to have after working with myself and my team of professionals.

My entire childhood was based on how important family time was. Whether it was my parents coming home from a bad day or having my family over for dinner - I knew that as soon as that door closed it was family time and they were some of my fondest times I had growing up. 

My goal and mission are to help you and your family make the same kind of positive and lasting memories that I had the opportunity to grow up with.


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